Join in Jan and get £200 towards your flights

What a treat eh?!

Got Outdoor Skills? Looking for the summer of a lifetime?

If this is you jump on board.

You'll get to spend your summer doing the outdoor activity you are either qualified to teach, or well experienced to lead, AND we're giving you a big help towards the cost of your flights.

It's simple, but to make it even clearer we've come up with every question can think of and answered them below.

*if you are already on the program fear not - Sophie is going to get in touch and hooook you up :-)

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What do I need to do to get the £200?

It's easy;

- apply on this site before the end of Jan
- pay your £100 deposit and we'll interview you
- if you have the skills and experience we are after, we'll accept you on the program and confirm via email that you'll get the £200


Does it mean I get paid less whilst at camp?

No. This has nothing to do with your pocket money. It is an addition, a bonus, something extra.

Can I use this on flight of my choice?

Yes, you can book any flight that gets you to camp on time. Book a flight to camp and back, to camp then back from the other side of the US, to camp then after to Australia. It is your flight, do what you want.

What if I need to change my flight later?

This is your flight to do with as you choose. We'd recommend booking flexible flight so that you can change your dates should you need to.

Okay, exactly how will I get this £200?

Once you have your visa, we'll put £200 in to your bank account for you to use on your flights.

What if I don't book a flight?

If you don't book a flight or you withdraw before departure and we have given you the £200, you'll need to pay us the £200 back. You'll still have the £200, as you won't have booked a flight. We believe that is fair and that you'll agree.

Is there anything else like this out there?

We've searched the net and the 7 seas, we've never seen this before and don't know of anyone who is doing it. No ones gives you hundreds of pounds towards your flights. (doh - aside from us!!)

Is there any small print, weird conditions, things I should be aware of?

Pay your deposit in Jan, we'll sort an interview date, get accepted on to the program and you'll get the £200 towards your flights. That's it.

If for any reason you don't get accepted, you'll get your deposit back. We're looking for people with outdoor skills and cracking attitudes :-).

By joining the program (regardless of the £200) you should be aware of the fees (click Costs on the menu above) and that camp is full on and hard work.

If you take the £200 and don't book a flight or withdraw, you'll need to pay it back (or it will count towards any refund you are due). Simples.

We hope this covers any questions you might have, feel free to drop us a note if you would like anything else clarifying.

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Thinking of camp for summer 2023?

Let's chat, we can find out what you want to do at camp, help you understand what you could do or even just tell you fun road trip stories :-)

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