All the costs outlined

Outdoor jobs at camps in America

Things to pay for;

Program Fees

This covers your training, placement, support in the UK and more. We'll connect you with people heading to camp, ensure you are ready for the summer of a lifetime.


You'll book and pay for your own flight. We'll connect you with some great deals, you can choose to fly straight home from camp or head out on an adventure after camp.

Third party

You'll pay these people directly for their services. It'll cover your Police Check, your Embassy Appointment and your doctor may charge to sign your medical form.

Don't forget you'll get paid!!

You'll be paid $2,000+, plus get food and board. Great for after camp travel.

The idea is that the experience pays for itself, plus a bit more

Program Fee


3rd Party

  • £399 for the program
  • No additional 'Visa Documentation Fee'
  • If paying in installments helps, that works too
  • Recently a trip to Chicago or Minneapolis has been a around £600 - £700
  • Airlines have sales and you can get fare alerts from
  • Once your placement and visa are confirmed you can book
  • £70 for the Police Check
  • $160 for your Embassy Appointment (about £100)
  • £20 - £70 if your doctor charges you for the medical form being signed.
Program Fee: £399
Flights: £600+
£170 - £240

You'll need to get to the Embassy, get to the training we provide and of course get to the airport too. We'll give you advance notice as to when you have to pay what. It doesn't all come at once. The camp you work at pays an additional fee to cover support etc whilst you are in the US.

What's included?

Before you leave

Whilst at camp

An outstanding camp placement
Accommodation is covered
Face to face and online training setting you up to be an EXCEPTIONAL camp counselor
3 meals per day
Your visa eligibility paperwork, and SEVIS payment
Staff training before the kids arrive
Staff training
Workers Comp Insurance
Online and in person meet ups to prep for the summer with your new friends
24/7 Support
Our support to get your visa sorted
Medical Insurance
Interview prep and everything else you need!
Minimum $2000 pay

You'll pay us £399, and around £800 for your flights, embassy appointment etc.

We think it stacks up to be a great deal, around £1199 for the outdoor experience of a life time?!

Don't forget, you'll get paid $2,000 +

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