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Training and support to help you achieve

The 'Counselor Training Program'

being exceptional
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From figuring what you need to do well, to leading campers, fellow staff and people across camp, we've got the experience and tools to set you up to do more at camp than you thought possible.

life at camp
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This residential experience will mean you have more time to really understand your campers. We'll set you up with a core set of skills so that you are ready to learn more at camp, develop, and take these new skills with you.

Your speciality
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Mixing your ability in your activity, your skills teaching and coaching children and your leadership ability specifically within your field, we'll set you up to gain invaluable hours of learning before you set off, and whilst at camp.

If we can, we'll do more

Should conditions allow, we'll run a residential training program too. It'll be a night away learning all about succeeding at camp. Accommodation and food will be covered, we won't charge you any more for this. You'll get to meet people like you, people excited about heading to camp, and people who have been there and are keen to set you up to do more.

Peer to peer learning, online seminars, face to face training and a wealth of materials to get you ready for camp.

We've got core and bespoke materials and an in depth knowledge of all the camps we work with.

Ongoing support to get you ready for camp

Get in touch and we'll start to share everything we can straight away.

As you move forward through your application we'll connect you with others heading to camp, we'll get you booked in for training and share online resources that will help you learn about camp. You'll also get connected with your camp and others heading there.

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Thinking of camp for summer 2023?

Let's chat, we can find out what you want to do at camp, help you understand what you could do or even just tell you fun road trip stories :-)

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