From registration to landing at camp

What do you need to do, and when?

1. Apply Online

Have a good read of this site and see if we are right for you. If you think a summer at camp working hard, learning and having lots of fun is for you, then hit one of the Apply Now buttons and complete the form.

2. We'll chat

We'll get in touch with you to learn more about what you want to get from camp and why you want to do it. We'll answer all of your questions and share a few fun stories.

3. Commit

Decide how you are going to pay. In one go to get it done? Alternativley we can agree a payment plan.

4. Training

You'll be learning from the start of your application, but this is where it really kicks in. Your online seminars will be rolling and you'll be teamed up with others heading to camp.

5. Chat to camps

We'll connect you with camps right for you. You'll find out lots more about them, find out exactly what you'll be doing over the summer and you'll figure your exact travel dates.

6. Docs & paperwork

Things like your police check, references, certificates and more. We'll gather them ready to apply for your visa paperwork that we'll get you from the US.

7. Embassy then Flights

You'll take your paperwork to the embassy, we'll help you right the way through it all. When you have your visa you can book your own flights!

8. Off you go!

Your insurance will be confirmed, you'll know exactly what to do when you land, you'll have spoken to your camp a few times, all sorted and off you go on your adventure :-)

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Thinking of camp for summer 2023?

Let's chat, we can find out what you want to do at camp, help you understand what you could do or even just tell you fun road trip stories :-)

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