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teaching activities at camp

Expert led. Chat, listen/watch, do.

Sophie is all about the barn.

She was Program Director at an all boys camp and has worked with 1000's of camp counselors, getting them ready for camp.

As Program Director Sophie oversaw all activities at camp and is a fountain of knowledge on running great sessions for campers.

Mark is a sailing instructor.

He spent 7 summers on the lake at camp, had different roles and did a big trip road after camp each year.

Mark knows all about being on the lake all summer long, assessing campers abilities and getting the most from his staff team.

learn about camp...

Expert led. Chat, listen/watch, do.

Professor Dave is a bit of an icon. From leading sessions at camps during staff training to having had worked at 3 different camps, Dave gets camp. He is fun, knowledgeable and engaging.

This session is going to give you the overview of camp from a leadership perspective. What are Camp Directors looking for in a staff member?

Lauren spent 2 summers at camp and reeeeeaaallly knows her stuff. Her energy and passion for the job will jump out of the webinar and inspire you to action.

The session will pepper you with real life examples about what the job of a counselor is really like, the challenging bits, the best bits, and why she kept going back year after year.

...about campers...

Expert led. Chat, listen/watch, do.

Sarah started at camp as a kayak instructor.

She teaches science and PE in the UK at primary schools and has spent many summers in different leadership roles at camp in America. It is said she was the greatest camp counselor ever.

This session will first look at what American kids are like from a cultural perspective then be filled with tips and tricks to help you succeed at camp.

Mike Lewis is Mr Ropes.

He is also a leading authority on summer camp. After working in an American summer camp he headed to China where he now owns and operates summer camps across the country. His story is epic, click here to read more.

Mike will be leading a session focusing on developing meaningful relationships with campers, how to foster them and what they result in.

What happens in these sessions?

You're going to meet people like you, excited to go to camp.

You'll hear from experts, who'll lead the session.

It'll start with a 10 minute chat with a fellow participant based around the topic of the day.

Our expert will then walk you through the topic. Clear, usable info with a dose of fun. This will be for about 20 minutes.

To wrap up you'll have a 15 minute task to help process all you've just heard.

Chat, listen/watch, do.

...but wait, there is more...

If we can there will be face to face training as well as other group sessions before you head to camp.

The webinars are only a part of the training we offer our participants before they head to camp.

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