Develop your campers. Teach your activity.

Spend all day outside, doing what you love.

Summer camp is about youth development

You'll live with your campers, be there to support, teach and guide your campers. As well as that, you will have your activity to teach.

If you are qualified - then we'll find you a place. Experienced? We can help too. You need to be experienced in your activity, coaching experience is a real plus.

Camps use activities to help their campers develop skills and to help build all kinds of life skills, if you are looking to both instruct and help your people develop, read on...

What experience are we looking for?

Use your experience and have the summer of your life.

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Activity skills

Climbing, sailing, coaching, windsurfing, paddling, hiking, life guarding, tennis or whatever your passion is, take your skills to camp, fill your log book and do what you love all summer.

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working with children

Bring your wider teaching, mentoring or extensive childcare experience to camp. You'll spend all your time with the children you live with. You'll get 100's of contact hours and develop a greater understanding what makes kids tick.

Leadership experience
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Have you led other adults? Have you got proven skills in safety oversight, supporting staff, motivation, how to inspire and support your team? Take this experience to the US where you'll further develop at camp in a leadership role.

FireSide Activities

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Trip Leading

Man cooking on fire at camp in America


Life guarding & Swim Coaching

Lifeguard watching lake

At The Barn

Boat driving





...there is more...

We specialise on the above activities, however the camps we work with offer up to 30 activities each. This means you'll be able to participate in other activities over the summer as well as doing what you love.




Know your reef knot from the bowline? How about your broad reach to your close haul? If that is the case a summer on the lake might just be for you. You'll have a fleet of boats, other instructors around you and enough wind to get that spinnaker up.

From lasers to 420's that you'll find in the UK to planing hulls of the scows, each state has different classes and the camps normally follow suit. From spending time teaching in the classroom to instructing on the lake and getting involved in the boat maintenance there are lots of opportunities available.

Each camp is after something a little different, so get in touch so that we can figure what woudl be best for you.

Sailing at boat at camp in America.


From indoor walls to outdoor, bouldering to rock climbing, camps and campers love climbing and are keen to hear what you might have to offer.

Most camps have artificial walls, a small number do trips to real rock faces in the local area. If you know why 'O' is open and 'C' is closed, get in touch.


Know your sweep stroke from your draw stroke? Your play boat from your sea kayak? If so, then drop us a note! You'll be on the water every day teaching the basics to the little ones and going exploring with the older ones.

Life Guarding

Know what you are looking for when on the high chair? Got experience ensuring that everyone is having fun and staying safe? Every camp has a body of water, most are on a lake, some have pools, some even have both. Life guards are sought to be a part of the water sports staff team and for traditional life guarding roles too. If you have the experience, head life guard roles are available too.

Swim Coaching

Do you know how to get people gliding across the water? Have you got a knack in breaking down strokes and inspiring confidence in the water?

Lifeguard watching lake


From high ropes to low ropes, campers across the US love zipping down wires, taking leaps of faith and figuring how to navigate challenges with their mates. From the practical safety aspects to the creative games, there are camps we work with that are after your skills.

Trip Leading

From one night trips on camp property to multi night trips in state parks, trippers ensure everyone safe and enjoying the great outdoors.

You'll be looking out for bald eagles, hoping to spot a moose and rustling up a much anticipated meal over the campfire at the end of the day.

You'll need to have spent time in the wilderness, have led groups and be comfortable in remote areas. Formal training (like ML or from the army) would be ideal, but extensive experience can work too.

The trips might be hiking or canoeing and might involve climbing or some other activities too.

Man cooking on fire at camp in America

Down at the Barn

Do you have English or maybe even Western experience? Could you lead a lead kids on a hack? Could you manage your own yard?

From instructors (remember it's about experience, not necessarily qualifications) to stable hands, we're looking for people like you to join the barn team.

Boat Driving

Got your motorboat level 1 and 2? Perhaps you have extensive driving experience instead?

From patroling the lake ensuring everyone is safe to towing campers on skiis you could be out on the lake for the summer.


Can you read the lake like a book? Can you tack, jibe and haul down wind? If you have the skills and love pulling that wetsuit on, teaching at camp this summer might just be for you.

You'll have novices and mid level campers keen to get out on the lake in your care.


Know your bog from a marsh? Know where to find bats? Owls?

Can you share your love of the natural environment with campers and ignite a spark of interest?

You might be a ecology student, graduate, be experienced in the natural world or have a science background. If you can spot a great crested newt from 20 paces, then this role is for you!


Know your limbs from the shaft? How about a recurve from a compound?

Archery is a very popular activity at summer camp with lots of kids heading down to the range.

You'll have many hours to coach and time to practice your skills too.


Can you spot a bottom feeder from a top feeder? Can you spot a hot spot for fish where others can't? From battles with largemouth bass to walleye, catfish to northern pike the US has some great fishing on beautiful lakes and rivers.

What else?

This page would not end if we covered every camp activity. We specialise in the activities listed about but at the same time the camps we work with offer much more.

If you have experience with something not listed, there is a good chance your activity is taught at a camp out there. Computer Coding? Yep. Silver Smithing? Yep. Ecology? Yep. Speech Therapy - you betchya.

By completing the Application Form we'll be able to help you explore the idea of camp for you.

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Thinking of camp for summer 2022?

Let's chat, we can find out what you want to do at camp, help you understand what you could do or even just tell you fun road trip stories :-)

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