International travel contributes to global warming. Cultural Exchange contributes to global understanding.

We are working on both.

We have started.

From the amount we travel, to who we travel with, what we take when we travel, the trees we plant and how we run our office, it all has an impact.

Different airlines are doing different amount of work to reduce their impact upon the environment. As we help you book your flights, we'll share info about this to help you out.

By taking less luggage we can all help reduce the amount of fuel used and save space for some outlet bargains (from sustainable sources of course) whilst in the US.

We'll also attend fewer conferences in the US to reduce our travel away from the summer.

There is a camp song called Johnny Appleseed. It goes 'the tree's, they each provide our air, without our air we couldn't breathe, we couldn't love and we couldn't care'. We agree, and at the end of each season we'll be planting trees. The number will reflect how many people we send to camp, more people, more trees!

We run FireSide Camps from the cabin at the end of the garden. It's not quite as cool as the pic here but we love it. It's well insulated, we minimise any waste and we use energy from renewable sources only. As a company we're working towards the Green Tourism certification and we're constantly looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment. We've got an electric car too, so no more burning petrol!

Thinking of camp this coming summer?

Let's chat, we can find out what you want to do at camp, help you understand what you could do or even just tell you fun road trip stories :-)

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